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PHOTO: Dy Holme
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Clayton with the 'real' Uncle Albert in 1963

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From the Authors

Emery’s the tall grey one, and Clayton’s the short hairy one. We appreciate you checking out our website. This is where you’ll find out about us.

Emery Sinclair:

Has a knack for creativity in all areas. He graduated in fine art. A holder of a postgraduate degree in acting and drama. He has worked in theatre, TIE, television, and film, proving himself as a versatile entertainer and singer. He had never tried his hand at writing before. Despite this, when his pal Clayton asked for help... He threw caution to the wind and jumped into the deep end!

Clayton Moseley:

He has been employed in a multitude of industries. From the depths of a coal mine to the bloody floors of a slaughterhouse, and the bustling establishments of the hospitality industry encompassing hotels and bars. He currently dedicates all his time to being a carer.

He is the proud grandfather of many grandchildren, to the extent that he mirrors the old woman who inhabited a shoe - he is perplexed by the abundance of grandchildren he has! Sitting with them and regaling stories is his favourite pastime. This is the story of how the book ‘Lance of the Golden Cobra’ came to be.

How it all began:

We planted the seeds of this book during a conversation on a sunny Sunday afternoon in 2020. In the UK, people could finally visit each other’s homes for the first time during the pandemic, but only in their gardens. The Arabian-style canopy provided shade for Clayton and I as we sat two meters apart in a garden filled with colourful blooms, sipping on our drinks and discussing a fairy tale.

The refreshments were mouth-watering and left us feeling satisfied. Meeting up after the long lockdown was thrilling, but it also carried a hint of danger. We had a good time with it, despite any difficulties.

To keep his grandchildren entertained, Grandpa Clayton wrote a short adventure story. Because of his dyslexia, he struggled to articulate his ideas, and so he turned to me, Emery for help. Clayton, like Connie, struggles with reading and writing.

It surprised me that Clayton chose me to tell the tale, given that the most I had written before was a dissertation on the design of Doctor Who at Art School in the 1980s.

Clayton’s character outline was very detailed, down to the missing walking stick with a cobra head. Within a few weeks, it filled our minds with the characters and plot of ‘The Knights of the Neverwas,’ and we spent our days lost in the world we had created.

Coventry Observer
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Midton Echo

Coventry Observer

Interview with

A COVENTRY man has co-written a children’s fantasy book entitled Lance of the Golden Cobra: Knights of the Neverwas based on stories he was told by a former Indian soldier who stayed with his family during the war.

Clayton Moseley’s gran put up a Sikh family and the man, who was known as Uncle Albert.

The family moved to Leicester with relatives after three weeks but Uncle Albert stayed.

He told Clayton stories about his time in India which inspired him to write his book during lockdown.

Because Clayton, who used to work down the mines at Coventry Colliery in Keresley, is dyslexic, he enlisted the help of Emery Sinclair to help him rewrite the story and the pair set to work.

Clayton said: “I wrote it for my seven grandchildren – it’s full of make believe, along the lines of Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter.

“I gave it to another children’s author to read and he gave me some really good feedback so hopefully a lot of people will enjoy it.”

Connie is based on one of his grandchildren, while other characters are inspired by people living in Exhall and, of course, Uncle Albert is also in the book.

The story centres on Connie Morgan – an ordinary girl who ‘does not believe in fairies’.

At school, three rude pupils bully Connie for having dyslexia but a meeting with a new girl Namisha Singh changes everything and the girls find out about a thrilling family secret.

The discovery leads them on a fantastic journey into the techno-magical world of the Neverwas, the domain of mythical beasts and powerful, mysterious beings.

Here, engulfing the King of the Goblins and the Queen of Snakes is a hideous conflict of power.

With their grown-up guides, Albert, Connie’s uncle, and Babu, Namisha’s grandpa, they begin a dangerous crusade for the folk of the enchanted land, to recover the lost Lance of the Golden Cobra.

They become the Knights of the Neverwas and, for the chosen ones Connie and Namisha, nothing will be the same ever again.

Lance of the Golden Cobra: Knights of the Neverwas is available here at and from all good book shops.

Name, Title

The Story

When you first meet Connie Morgan, you might think she’s just an ordinary girl, but there’s more to her than meets the eye. Fairies are something she doesn’t believe in, and that’s a fact.
Connie is the target of bullying at school because she has dyslexia and three girls are making fun of her. Everything changed when Namisha Singh entered the picture, and the girls made a stunning discovery about a well-kept secret. Their journey led them to the enchanting world of the Neverwas, where technology and magic intertwined. The domain of mythical beasts and powerful, mysterious beings was said to be guarded by a ferocious chimaera. It entangled the King of the Goblins and the Queen of Snakes in a vicious conflict, each fighting for dominance. Who will emerge victorious?
Accompanied by their adult guides, namely Albert, Connie’s uncle, and Babu, Namisha’s grandpa, they embark on a perilous mission to help the inhabitants of the magical realm. The quest to recover the lost Lance of the Golden Cobra is fraught with danger and excitement. They become part of an exclusive group known as the Knights of the Neverwas.
In 1963, the world was in a state of flux, with rumours of war and uncertainty about the future.
For Connie and Namisha, life as they knew it forever changed them, as the people of Neverwas deemed them the chosen ones.


We'd love to see your drawings and paintings

We're always interested to see your art work. If you have any interesting drawings related to the story of 'The Knights of the Neverwas' please send them here. Remember please keep the file size small, and attach your name and age. We'll publish the best ones on the website. Send to 

Illustrations by M D Smith


Captures from the Memory Crystal

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Uncle Alber Imorta Banishes the Book.gif
Flutterbeye's view of Daffidd's Dale
Connie looks into the Void
Hindu Temple  Uncle Albert meets Grom-vell.gif
The Emorium of Magical and Mystical Artifacts With Connie and Uncle Albert
Connie throws a snowball

Illustrations by M D Smith

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